Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I know I know it has been FOREVER

I have been slacking or just plain not blogging at all lately (or for a whole year). We have been so busy and having so much fun that I just haven't been able to keep up. BUT we had something pretty exciting happen at our house today. Kaden went to his first day of preschool. Hooray!!! He is so excited and I am so excited for him. We got very cute and day appropriate pictures of Kaden that we wanted to share with everyone. Also our little Elsie is all grown up and as cute as ever. I've included some pictures of our summer fun. We went to Disneyland, Yellowstone, and colored with sidewalk chalk and played in the water almost everyday. Don't ya just love summer. It's been a great one but we are so excited for the new changes to our schedule and hopefully cooler temperatures.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween at our house was great. Hope yours was too. Kaden was Timmy, his pet turtle, and Elsie was a mermaid. I know, I know the costume is so cute my mom made it!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Better Late Then Never......... Elsie Mae Dyreng

She was born on June 25th at 12:35. She weighted 5 pounds 14 ounces. She is the cutest and the best baby ever. She has melted all of our hearts and we love her. Kaden is a great big brother and so helpful. We're adjusting, hence why it took me so long to post a picture. I don't know how you have more then 2 kids between feeding, changing diapers, and cleaning marker off my couch, there isn't time for blogging but I will try to be better!!!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010


So it has been forever, but when I am pregnant life seems to stop for us at our house. BUT I have felt so much better this pregnancy, then compared to Kadens, so we have stayed really busy too. Here are just some photos of what we have been up too. In November we went to San Diego California and went to the beach and Sea World. Christmas in December was so much fun. Kaden loved every minute of the festivities. His favorite toy, a styrofoam sword (how does that compare to a power wheels John Deere Tractor, I'll never know). In March Randon's brother Tim got married and Kaden enjoyed all the time he had with his cousins. Anyway I know there is lots more I should post but I have to run. Maybe I'll post again before this baby comes but don't count on it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy Days

Boy time is flying by at our house. Kaden is now 2 1/2 and is keeping us busy and laughing. He's so smart and fun. He's talking a lot, there's not much he doesn't say. He is way into fire fighters and fire trucks lately. So one day we decided to make a fire truck or a fire fighter truck as Kaden would say, out of a card board box. When his dad got home he enticed him to get inside with him. Oh Kaden boy! The shoe on his foot is a porclain witch shoe. It is a Halloween decoration and while we were decorating for Halloween (speaking of Halloween decorations check out live-livesimple.blogspot.com) I could hear a clunk, clunk go across the tile in the kitchen. I wondered to myself what it was and then Kaden walked around the corner and answered my question. He was wearing this shoe I had to laugh, pretty clever huh. He also put on the feather boa but it was itching and bothering him by the time I took the picture. These moments are what makes being a stay at home mom worth it. You know at times its tough. I wonder a lot if by the time my kids leave home if I'll be insane and them as well? But you know being home with Kaden has given us a connection for life. I will have another forever friend. He is so good to me and forgiving when I lose my paitents. I know he can't read this but I appreciate all he does for me. I always thought that being a mom would be fulfilling and because of that life would be easier, but I was wrong. It is so fulfilling and challenging. I'm learning so much about myself and growing in ways I never thought about. Life definitely isn't eaiser but it is happier. So maybe when you're busy with the right things, even though they're sometimes hard, you can find more fulfillment and happiness then you thought. So here's to all us mom. Keep up the good work and enjoy all the little things that make you giggle, there worth more then anything is this world and will probably be what keeps us all sane.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Look What We Grew

So all of our plants on top of the ground have pretty much died. We have one tomato plant, a squash plant, and a pepper plant left. So today when we dug up some potatoes for sunday dinner I thought there would be none but look what we found we actually grew potatoes and they are huge. Don't you just love surprises and my dad will be on pround of us.

Christmas Came Early at Our House

We got a new car!! We weren't planning on buying a new car but we got such a good deal we couldn' t pass it up. So we must be doing something right because we bought the car and sold our other car the next day. How's that for easy.